Ishank Gupta


My story begins like this:

Since childhood i used to pray to God and ask for a lot of wishes . And every day i used to think that one day he’l send someone , an angel who will do the magic and make me happy.

It was a long wait before one day , when i finally see the light . It was very interesting how i came to know about you (one of the most optimistic person i have ever come across till now). It was just like other days , but we (dad, mom , me and my brother) planned to go out for dinner. We were deciding the restaurant but the discussion ended in going to Mossaji’s house (Rohit , Vinita , Raghav , Mehul also student of you) . It was then, when we came to know all about the course and its benefits. But not until i joined i believed that it can be such a great thing , something that can turn your life, something many people can only dream of. I still think if the plan would have not changed i could have eaten butter naan with karahi panner but i settled with eating dry multigrain chapati with yellow dal (that too without ghee).

But its just outer change which is great , but change you feel inside is magnificiant. You are the only person i know who own a mercedes and drive to office on a bicycle . This is something of a great motivation and it explains the concept of :


You are not only our teacher

You are our friend, philosopher and guide
All molded into one person
We will always be grateful for your support

And attending spritual classes on saints like kabir , bulleh shah ,etc ; which are being delivered by a personality who is an editor at ‘The Tribune’ and uses latest gadgets (iphone 5 at present) sounds so prodigious. Thank you God for listening to my prayers.

If i keep on writing i dnt knw where it’l end. And that is just what i know , while there is so much about Guruji.

Thank you Guruji from all of us (Kamal Gupta,Sarita Gupta, Ishank Gupta, Anshul Gupta) for being in our lives.

Author: amarchan

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