Rohit and Vinita Grover

Hi, We are Rohit and Vinita. We met Guru Ji on recommendation of Pawan Sir, who is the tennis coach of my two sons nearly 4 years ago. Since then, there is a tremendous positive change in our lives.

There were some medical problems of ours, which lead us to him. I was having a fatty liver for the last almost 8 years and my SGOT and SGPT levels were as high as 10 times then normal. Vinita was also suffering from Thyroid, Varicose Veins, and high blood pressure. I was weighing nearly 80 kgs. and Vinita was at 70 Kgs. at that time. When we together joined his first course, we came to know that after following his course for sometime, it is not only the weights that came down sharply rather the diseases were cured without any medicines. It is the food that is the best medicine for all of us and we have learnt this from him during his first course. After the completion of first course, we both have lost almost 16 kgs. I was at 64 kgs. and Vinita at 54 kgs. After 14 years of our marriage, people use to comment us that “you both are looking bachelors”.

After the completion of first course, we joined his second course, which is showing the path to the inner peace through meditation.This is something which cannot be put in words because the feelings of meditation are so unique in nature that every time you meditate, you get something new every time. We both are regularly following his meditation techniques that we learnt from him and feeling refreshed every day. It is the way of life now.

Meanwhile, our both sons, Raghav & Mehul have also done his first course that is related to purity of your body through healthy food habits. He is not only the Guru to us but also a guide to almost every difficult situation of our life. He is the one who also inspired us that we should go for the admission of our son into the best boarding school of India i.e. “The Doon School”, Dehradun. He had judged the capability of Raghav that lead him to clear the entrance exam of “The Doon School”. Now, with his encouragement and blessings, he is studying in “The Doon School”.

We have tried to put our experiences with him into words but still strongly believe that the feelings with him cannot be put into words. This is an endless journey and with the blessings of Almighty, we are privileged to be part of it

Author: amarchan

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