Holistic treatment for all allergies and diseases like Asthma, Cough and cold

Holistic treatment for all allergies and diseases like Asthma, Cough and cold

Holistic treatment for allergies and diseases like asthma, cough and cold

In holistic healing we make our food our medicine. Once you eliminate the root causes of a disease the disease automatically gets cured. Here is the holistic treatment to cure all allergies and diseases like, asthma, cough, cold and sinus.

  1. No curd, raita or lassi after sunset
  2. No refrigerated item after sunset
  3. No sauce, ketchup etc after sunset
  4. No peanuts, gazak, rewari etc after sunset.
  5. Even during daytime, salt and pepper must with curd, lassi, raita
  6. Don’t drink water with greasy items
  7. Don’t drink water with hot items
  8. No cold and hot items together
  9. Don’t drink water after eating oily nuts (almonds, cashews, pistachios, walnuts, groundnuts etc)
  10. Don’t drink water after gazak, rewri etc
  11. At first sign of throat irritation, gargle with saline lukewarm water thrice a day.
  12. Steam inhalation at bed time.
  13. Drink 3 glasses extra water every day during pendency of cough and cold.
  14. Only soup after sunset when you are down with cough and cold.
  15. Once recovered, start pouring 2 drops of almond oil in each nostril at bed time daily.
  16. If using heater OR air conditioner in your bedroom, switch these off at least 2 hours before getting up.
  17. If you go to the washroom at night during winters, wrap yourself in a shawl on getting out of the quilt.
  18. Don’t run the car air conditioner at the maximum cooling. The fan speed should be maximum but the thermostat should be set to a moderate temperature

The fool-proof holistic treatment for Asthma and sinus:

Get rid of each and every dairy product from your diet at least for 1 year to cure asthma and sinus permanently.



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