As He is

Amar Singh Chandel

Amar Chandel comes from an erstwhile ruling family where for generations they have lived and practiced ancient Vedic way of life based on fundamentals of Ayurveda and Naturopathy. He combines this ancient legacy with the cutting edge medical research of today to come up with an all-encompassing formula for health, harmony and happiness. This is the key for longevity and leading a disease-free life even in today’s stress filled and toxic living.
He has been imparting this unique knowledge by encapsulating it all in easy-to-follow courses. By following his guidelines people have cured themselves of acute and chronic diseases without the use of medicines irrespective of age or the nature of the ailment.
He runs a charitable clinic and diagnostic lab for indigent people in his native village and also organizes health camps all over the area.
He is a staunch supporter of pure humanism and universality of spirit. He firmly believes that spirituality cannot be taken synonymously with ‘religiosity’. Ritualism, he feels, cannot define our spiritual bent and divinity lies hidden within each one of us. However, it is only a pristine being that can search for the divine within the mortal body. This purity can be attained by the way a body chooses to nourish itself, and the kind of lifestyle a mortal being decides to follow.
For him, an ounce of practice carries more weight than a ton of theory. How one is to lead one’s life and what one has to do for becoming privy to mystical experiences can only be learned through the Pir-o-Murshid relationship or its Vedantic equivalent of guru-shishya bonding.
There are many sides to his personality and the more one learns about him, the more one understands his depth of thought and horizon of vision.

As a Journalist
He became the first person in his family to take up a job and rose to be the Associate Editor of ‘The Tribune’, one of the leading dailies of India based in Chandigarh. His insightful writing led even the legendary author and journalist Khushwant Singh to comment on one of the articles “I wish I had written that”! While with the newspaper, he wrote editorials and has over 3000 of these on international, national and regional subjects, to his credit. The weekly health page of the newspaper was also nurtured by him. While with the newspaper he wrote extensively on such subjects as health, environment, science, law, wildlife, social issues, sports, adventure and tourism. Political satire was his forte and he penned middles on a regular basis.

As an Author
In recent times, he has authored three books “PERFECT HEALTH IN 20 WEEKS”, “STRESS TO SERENITY” and “CURE YOURSELF NATURALLY”. “PERFECT HEALTH IN 20 WEEKS” was an instant bestseller and is highly appreciated by one and all.
Emotion al problems, diseases and pain have become a part of moder life. A majority of people suffer from headaches, sinus, blood pressure, neck pain, backache, diabetes, stress, jointache and what not that too from a very young age. They spend a fortune on getting treatment, but the relief is only temporary. Medicines are not at fault. The real difficulty is that all these are lifestyle problems, which just cannong be eliminated till we change our day-to-day life. The book teaches you what the root causes of the ailments are and how to remove them. Nobody commits major mistakes willingly. It is just that everyone makes some tiny little errors due to ignorance repeatedly, which affects one badly in the long run. We normally wake up only when it is too late and even then do not or cannot pinpoint and also if we become fully aware that the consequences of a seemingly small mistakes can be so serious. This is the aim of the book : to enlighten the readers about hwere they are going wrong unintentionally.
Talk to anyone and the most common malady he will complain about is stress and tension. It will be rare to find a man or woman who does not suffer from stress. Even kids grumble about this problem. If it is work-related or income-related stress in the case of adults, children are done in by uncertainties and apprehensions regarding their future and studies.
Many think that stress is the inescapable consequence of the busy life today. What they conveniently forget is that life is less risky and busy today than in the past. Yet, we are more tense today than half a century ago. It is just that we do not know how to unwind.
Why is that so? Where are we going wrong? That is the subject matter of this slim volume that analyses the root causes of the problem and then tries to offer solutions step by step. The remedies are simple, practical and easy to follow, which even a child can implement. Technical jargon has been consciously avoided, lest the volume reads like a textbook.
The book has evolved after an experience of the four decades that Amar Chandel spent teaching Holistic Healing to thousands of students. While doing so, he noticed that most of the people suffer far more than what the gravity of a problem demands. That is because they have never been able to train themselves to minimize their suffering. This book aids all such people.
There are many factors which contribute to stress. All those cannot be removed in a day. The transformation from stress to serenity is a long-drawn-out process. So, one has to proceed one step at a time. That is why chapters of the book have been kept exceptionally short. One can read these in a jiffy if one wants, reflect on these and then act on them one by one at leisure. However, for the teaching to be truly effective, this is not a book which should be read cover to cover in one sitting.
The impact of stress on one’s health is greatly commented on. What is not so widely known is the effect of one’s health on one’s mental condition. This is the less-travelled route that has been taken in this book to solve our emotional problems: a healthy mind in a healthy body.
We think — erroneously — that stress is all in the mind. Actually, the body and the mind are two sides of the same coin. In fact, one can call it electro-magnetism. Wherever one is present, the other is bound to be there. If one has to conquer stress, one has to begin at the beginning, by taking care of one’s health. Conquering one’s emotions comes only later. The book makes many such unconventional suggestions to triumph over an inevitable by-product of modern living.
We never fall sick; we invite illness by defying the principles of Holistic Living on which the body functions. This “defiance” is not deliberate but because there is lack of awareness about how a human body maintains and heals itself naturally. This book is the manual for the human machine; needed by all to function optimally. It employs all healing methods, natural remedies, alternative therapies and alternative medicines to get full benefits from vegan food and healthy diet for weight loss and disease-free living. It guides you on how to turn your everyday food into natural supplements. It debunks myths on cholesterol, salt consumption, dairy products etc. It also acts as a guide to combat the effects of modern-day malaises like insecticides, pesticides, chemicals and pollution. The book CURE YOURSELF NATURALLY is a worthy companion to the author’s best-selling PERFECT HEALTH IN TWENTY WEEKS.