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Take 12 kg (26 lb) of bones, add 33 kg (73 lb) of muscles and 15 kg (33 lb) of fat, mix it up with 20 kg of organs. Now you have all the “ingredients” to build up the human body. Or
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We are eating plastics
We see stomach-churning pictures of cows and buffaloes and whales and other animals dying in extreme pain because they had consumed plastic. But this ghastly sight evokes only lip sympathy among
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Heart of a man and a woman

heart disease
Men and women have different hearts, literally! As a result, symptoms of heart disease in women are often different from those of men, and are thus misunderstood. That is why since 1984,
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Does memories travel in DNA?

Does memories travel in DNA
What had all along been thought to be a superstition or the fantasy of an imaginative scriptwriter might very well be true. It is now coming to light that memories can actually pass through
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Everyday Food And Cancer

Everyday Food And Cancer
Most of us know that bacon, red meat, French fries and processed foods are not good for us and may even be linked to cancer, but few of us know that there are other foods that significantly
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