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My story begins like this:
Since childhood i used to pray to God and ask for a lot of wishes . And every day i used to think that one day he’l send someone , an angel who will do the magic and make me happy.
It was a long wait before one day , when i finally see the light . It was very interesting how i came to know about you (one of the most optimistic person i have ever come across till now). It was just like other days , but we (dad, mom , me and my brother) planned to go out for dinner. We were deciding the restaurant but the discussion ended in going to Mossaji’s house (Rohit , Vinita , Raghav , Mehul also student of you) . It was then, when we came to know all about the course and its benefits. But not until i joined i believed that it can be such a great thing , something that can turn your life, something many people can only dream of. I still think if the plan would have not changed i could have eaten butter naan with karahi panner but i settled with eating dry multigrain chapati with yellow dal (that too without ghee).
But its just outer change which is great , but change you feel inside is magnificiant. You are the only person i know who own a mercedes and drive to office on a bicycle . This is something of a great motivation and it explains the concept of :
You are not only our teacher
You are our friend, philosopher and guide
All molded into one person
We will always be grateful for your support
And attending spritual classes on saints like kabir , bulleh shah ,etc ; which are being delivered by a personality who is an editor at ‘The Tribune’ and uses latest gadgets (iphone 5 at present) sounds so prodigious. Thank you God for listening to my prayers.
If i keep on writing i dnt knw where it’l end. And that is just what i know , while there is so much about Guruji.
Thank you Guruji from all of us (Kamal Gupta,Sarita Gupta, Ishank Gupta, Anshul Gupta) for being in our lives.

Ishank Gupta

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We feel fortunate and blessed in having known you. Taking the first course with you created a new awareness within us about healthy eating and healthy living. My wife Seema and I had read a great number of books and listened to many lectures on healthy eating before we met you. We were reluctant to take your course assuming that there was nothing more to learn. We thought we had good eating habits and ate the right kind of foods.
Through your course and the manner in which you taught us, you transformed our thinking. Good teaching is not only how one transmits one’s knowledge to students but also the sincerity and the passion with which one transmits that knowledge and lives himself. You touched us immensely with the real life simple examples you used in conveying your points. Through those examples, you were able to penetrate into the minds of your students and in the process made a lasting impact on them. Such illustrations and examples do not come easily to most teachers. Being a professor myself, I believe it is the burning desire within a teacher to ensure that the students grasp the subject matter and then learn to apply it in their daily life. Assimilation and application are essential to good learning.
It is this kind of zeal with which you teach your courses. That is something rare and you have that rare gift. In my mind, I compare you with the role Rajesh Khanna plays in the movie Bawarchi where he dedicates his life to bring “harmony” among the families living in discord. During your travels, you see people all around you suffering with many illnesses because most of them do not eat the right kind of food for many reasons. Deep down this reality must hurt you. You wish to change this through creating awareness that healthy eating is essential to healthy living.
But you also know that changing people’s eating habits is tough, very tough. There are too many forces all around us to which most people succumb and become prisoner of those habits of eating wrong foods. In your own way, you are making a sincere and determined effort to change that. You have been doing it almost since the mid ‘70s. You have dedicated your life to this goal. In the process, you have touched and changed the lives of thousands of people all over the world. This is an accomplishment worthy of celebration.
The difference you have made in the lives of so many people including mine and that of Seema. We feel beholden to you and think of you almost every time we are having food either at our house or at a restaurant. We feel your invisible presence reminding us to “eat this but not that.” Thank you for coming into our life.
With gratitude and warm regards,

Ram and Seema

Hi, We are Rohit and Vinita. We met Guru Ji on recommendation of Pawan Sir, who is the tennis coach of my two sons nearly 4 years ago. Since then, there is a tremendous positive change in our lives.
There were some medical problems of ours, which lead us to him. I was having a fatty liver for the last almost 8 years and my SGOT and SGPT levels were as high as 10 times then normal. Vinita was also suffering from Thyroid, Varicose Veins, and high blood pressure. I was weighing nearly 80 kgs. and Vinita was at 70 Kgs. at that time. When we together joined his first course, we came to know that after following his course for sometime, it is not only the weights that came down sharply rather the diseases were cured without any medicines. It is the food that is the best medicine for all of us and we have learnt this from him during his first course. After the completion of first course, we both have lost almost 16 kgs. I was at 64 kgs. and Vinita at 54 kgs. After 14 years of our marriage, people use to comment us that “you both are looking bachelors”.
After the completion of first course, we joined his second course, which is showing the path to the inner peace through meditation.This is something which cannot be put in words because the feelings of meditation are so unique in nature that every time you meditate, you get something new every time. We both are regularly following his meditation techniques that we learnt from him and feeling refreshed every day. It is the way of life now.
Meanwhile, our both sons, Raghav & Mehul have also done his first course that is related to purity of your body through healthy food habits. He is not only the Guru to us but also a guide to almost every difficult situation of our life. He is the one who also inspired us that we should go for the admission of our son into the best boarding school of India i.e. “The Doon School”, Dehradun. He had judged the capability of Raghav that lead him to clear the entrance exam of “The Doon School”. Now, with his encouragement and blessings, he is studying in “The Doon School”.
We have tried to put our experiences with him into words but still strongly believe that the feelings with him cannot be put into words. This is an endless journey and with the blessings of Almighty, we are privileged to be part of it

Rohit and Vinita Grover

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The general belief is that fat people are merry-go-lucky type guys who laugh a lot and are fun to be with. If you believe me, nothing could be farther from the truth. If at all they laugh, it is to hide their pain and embarrassment.
I am saying all that from my personal experience. I was 106 kg at the age of 38 and had contracted all the diseases associated with obesity. In public, indeed I behaved as if I was totally carefree, but the spectre of blood pressure, diabetes and arthritis used to keep me awake at night. Worse, I had thyroid problem. Since everyone told me that my weight gain was due to the thyroid trouble and there was no way out for me, I felt all the more helpless.
Sedentary lifestyle, rich diet, lack of knowledge, knee and foot pain, lower back pain, fatigue, frustration and inferiority complex were my constant companion.
I tried lot many things with little knowledge that they could hardly help me. I joined health clubs, gym, etc but got no benefit. Being a dreamer I always had zeal to do something great in my life and admired good health and figure with vital statistics. But the multiple problems made me pessimistic about my health and I compromised with the situation.
Because I lost my father when he was 44 (he died of heart attack) I was scared for the sake of my wife and children. Worse, many experts told me that my weight gain was due to my thyroid problem and nothing much could be done about it.
I was suggested physiotherapy by doctors for back pain and regular walk and exercise for high cholesterol and BP but these hardly did anything for my weight.
But God was kind to me when I came in contact with some of my family friends who had already lost weight considerably. There and then I decided to follow the same and met Mr Amar Chandel, a yoga and holistic health practitioner. He made me realise the serious repercussions of obesity; he motivated me and asked to devote six months to my health exclusively.
He made a specific diet regimen for me and did counselling which changed my life ultimately.
I was explained that my life at that stage was like an overloaded cart with the horse dangling high in the air. It was necessary not only to cut my intake but also to reduce it only to subsistence level so that the body could recover and heal itself. In short, I was to eat food like medicine. At the same time, I was to incorporate physical activity into my daily routine.
The overall formula for me that I was to eat like a bird and work out like an animal. Had this been prescribed to me at one go, I would have been intimidated but the secrets of good health were revealed one at a time.
After this counseling, I was convinced that ignorance of rules of good health was no excuse. Just as a car can be safe only if all the four doors and the boot are properly locked, we have to observe all laws of health religiously if we are to win the battle of the bulge. Proper diet, exercise, positive attitude and spiritual touch through meditation became my constant companion.
Soon enough, yoga, pranayam and stretching exercises started showing results. The weight started coming down at a rate of about half a kg per week. Beginning with simple stretching exercises, gradually I moved on to more difficult ones. The results were nothing less than miraculous from the very first week.
After joining the course the life has become fun, fascinating, fanciful adventure and enhanced personal development, personal effectiveness, individual happiness and spiritual enlightenment.
I followed the diet regimen and other tips religiously, which resulted in excellent results day by day. I was 106 kg on 8th of August’2004 and went down to 74 kg on 15th March 2005 i.e. lost 32 kg in 6 ½ months.
My waistline was 44” and tummy was bulging out like a balloon. To my surprise with loss of weight all the problems vanished. My waist has been reduced to 33” and I feel enhancement in quality of life, more energetic, improved concentration.
In the beginning I found the going heavy, as I was constantly out of breath, and also became tired fast.
I would leave the class every time with bundle of inspiration and fire inside me, which made my spirit determined to change the eating habits.
Now I can run for up to 6 km a day and feeling is great, energetic, and enthusiastic. I can realize my body is free from diseases and there are certain positive changes in my thyroid levels too. The six-month effort brought stability in mood, control over temperament, positive attitude. Now I am able to do everything I had stopped doing due to the painful knees, including climbing stairs, long and brisk walk to running.
Initially, my wife was not at all convinced. In fact, she used to like my rolly-polly type personality and it was difficult for her to digest my “thin” avatar. But later, after observing positive changes in me she began to develop interest into this and notice the benefits, which made her stick on.
She had never ever exercised in her life and being a typical northern Indian housewife was very fond of stuffedpranthas and vegetables laden with oil, and with least control over sweets.
We had joint session with Mr Chandel for maintaining continuous level of motivation and he played a major role as counsellor. Soon enough my wife Ritika too became a strict follower.
Ritkia has lost 20Kg and has became a role model for our children my son Paras (5 ½) and daughter Anshika (2) who follow us. Very often we go for outing and late night parties. To our surprise the children hardly get tempted by cold drinks, chocolates, fast foods, etc. Like us, they have tasted the fruit of good health and are unwilling to give it up. Children of their age gorging on junk foods do not act as a temptation for them. Rather, my children laugh at them or have pity at them.

Adarsh Suri

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This is Ashish jha from darbhanga, small town in Bihar.
First thing first ‘Everything except death can be cured. The more the damage, the harder we have to work to repair it’ These lines by our beloved G should be the hope in lives of millions of people who are suffering unknowingly from disease, emotional issues or any kind of trouble. Whoever is reading this and is need of some help. I assure you on the behalf of all the hope, optimism and love that if you really want to live a gorgeous life. U should follow G. He is the best and coolest Guru we all can have.
Coming back to what I experienced. I was a guy of 18 dealing with depression and wrong eating. When you lose your loved ones, u start to take ur self for granted. I developed low BP, thyroid, liver issues at such tender age. I used to think a lot about how my life is useless. I got the book ‘perfect health’ Bcz my brother placed ‘wrong’ order.
Which became my ‘right calling’.
I read it literally 100times. With each line I got my confidence back. I started practicing it week by week. At end of 20 weeks, With perfect health I also got G. I have learned to strive for perfection and accept with joy whatever cant be changed. With blessing of G
My father’s diabetes is controlled. I have helped many of my family members get rid of diseases just through lifestyle modification suggested by G. An advice to all those still unsure – Talking to G for 2min is more inspiring than listening to 200hours of motivational talk. We at holistic family will vouch for it.
P. S – I have never met G
And not even done the course. But I still feel his blessings everyday changing and transforming my all dimensions of life. Love and peace

Ashish jha

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I met Amar Chandel (his students call him G) a year ago. I wanted to learn more about holistic health and took a 3 day class in Berkeley with him. G lives in Punjab and travels the world teaching the holistic way of life.
I hear all the time how processed foods aren’t good for us. I never really understood what happens to your body when you eat packaged food & sugar. G went into GRAPHIC detail to explain it to me. Needless to say, I was traumatized. Enough so that I really started to pay attention to what I feed my family.
A year later, I realized so much has changed in how I run my kitchen. Now my pantry is used to store my pots & pans. It used to be filled with food that came in a box. Shopping for groceries is easy when you fill up the cart with fresh produce. I skip almost every aisle in the middle.
The girls have stopped complaining and just eat what I make. I’ve seen Aashna’s eating habits change the most. Yogurt instead of ice cream, roasted vegetables instead of white rice, fresh fruits instead of fruit roll ups, salads instead of boxed side dishes. Just these little changes have made such a difference in her overall health.
G, I haven’t given up champagne and salmon. I’m a work in progress.
But I’ve hadn’t had an Oreo cookie for over a year. Now that’s huge for me!
To the King of one-liners, I’m so glad I met you!


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Dear G,
On my 40th birthday i can’t thank you enough for the transformation you brought in me.
I am on holistic journey with you from the last 14 months
You know so well how devastated I was when I met u …severely suffering from autoimmune disease.
The perpetual pain , depression & my battle with lupus marks stole all my confidence After coming in contact with you things changed drastically
I always ask you if it is the food or your prayers that are bringing changes in me coz it’s no less than a miracle.
This ailing shiva has started sailing in happiness peace and joy.
It was I who wanted to die then & it’s I , who is enjoying life to its fullest now Words cant express my feelings. Journey is still on but it doesn’t look like a struggle anymore. Please keep me in your prayers I haven’t seen this kind of life before i see love & joy around me … all thanks to you & my Parmeshwar who came in form of you to help me
Thanks again


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