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    Dear G, On my 40th birthday i can’t thank you enough for the transformation you brought in me. I am on holistic journey with you from the last 14 months You know so well how devastated I was when I met u …severely suffering from autoimmune disease. The perpetual pain , depression & my battle with lupus marks stole all my confidence After coming in contact with you things changed drastically I always ask you if it is the food or your prayers that are bringing changes in me coz it’s no less than a miracle. This ailing shiva has started sailing in happiness peace and joy. It was I who wanted to die then & it’s I , who is enjoying life to its fullest now Words cant express my feelings . Journey is still on but it doesn’t look like a struggle anymore. Please keep me in your prayers I haven’t seen this kind of life before i see love & joy around me … all thanks to you & my Parmeshwar who came in form of you to help me Thanks again


    +91 9982930001, India

    We feel fortunate and blessed in having known you. Taking the first course with you created a new awareness within us about healthy eating and healthy living. My wife Seema and I had read a great number of books and listened to many lectures on healthy eating before we met you. We were reluctant to take your course assuming that there was nothing more to learn. We thought we had good eating habits and ate the right kind of foods. Through your course and the manner in which you taught us, you transformed our thinking. Good teaching is not only how one transmits one’s knowledge to students but also the sincerity and the passion with which one transmits that knowledge and lives himself. You touched us immensely with the real life simple examples you used in conveying your points. Through those examples, you were able to penetrate into the minds of your students and in the process made a lasting impact on them.

    Ram and Seema Chugh

    Hi, We are Rohit and Vinita. We met Guru Ji on recommendation of Pawan Sir, who is the tennis coach of my two sons nearly 4 years ago. Since then, there is a tremendous positive change in our lives. There were some medical problems of ours, which lead us to him. I was having a fatty liver for the last almost 8 years and my SGOT and SGPT levels were as high as 10 times then normal. Vinita was also suffering from Thyroid, Varicose Veins, and high blood pressure. I was weighing nearly 80 kgs. and Vinita was at 70 Kgs. at that time. When we together joined his first course, we came to know that after following his course for sometime, it is not only the weights that came down sharply rather the diseases were cured without any medicines. It is the food that is the best medicine for all of us and we have learnt this from him during his first course. After the completion of first course, we both have lost almost 16 kgs.

    Rohit and Vinita Grover

    +919216912214 | rohit.jrew@gmail.com

    The general belief is that fat people are merry-go-lucky type guys who laugh a lot and are fun to be with. If you believe me, nothing could be farther from the truth. If at all they laugh, it is to hide their pain and embarrassment. I am saying all that from my personal experience. I was 106 kg at the age of 38 and had contracted all the diseases associated with obesity. In public, indeed I behaved as if I was totally carefree, but the spectre of blood pressure, diabetes and arthritis used to keep me awake at night. Worse, I had thyroid problem. Since everyone told me that my weight gain was due to the thyroid trouble and there was no way out for me, I felt all the more helpless. Sedentary lifestyle, rich diet, lack of knowledge, knee and foot pain, lower back pain, fatigue, frustration and inferiority complex were my constant companion. I tried lot many things with little knowledge that they could hardly help me. I joined health clubs, gym, etc but got no benefit.

    Adarsh Suri

    +919814095240 | suri.adarsh@gmail.com

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