Heart Diseases

Natural cure for heart disease

Heart is one of the most important organs of the human body. It is also the strongest. The question here arises is why a person in 30s is being prone to heart conditions. Yes, heart indeed is a very important part of the body. But we have to understand that it is a part. Anything that affects our body also affects our heart. The same old culprits, the same old lifestyle mistakes that affect other body part affect the heart too.

The biggest one is the food we are eating. It leaves residues which are bound to stick to our arteries. Unless we change our food habits, heart problems would continue to come to younger and younger people.

At the same time, we must appreciate that the heart is a pump. You have to keep it in good health. You have to do the basic minimum exercise. We don’t. And the results are totally disastrous. So, we have to approach the whole problem in a holistic manner from every side. Whatever is expected from us has to be followed then there is no question of falling ill and even if you do fall ill you can cure yourself without too much of complications.

What happens after one goes through the heart procedures

Most of us think that a heart procedure has cured us, and don’t change our lifestyle despite this warning. That precipitates a second heart attack or haemorrhage or stroke. You should be thankful that the doctor saved your life. You should now do your part of the bargain by removing the causes that blocked the arteries.

But once the threat to life is over, we start to eat the same things, drink the same things. Angioplasty and stent are useful but no guarantee that another episode will not take place.

How Holistic Healing is a Natural cure for heart disease

The Holistic lifestyle addresses all root causes. People come to me to ask what is a good heart diet? I say the same diet that is good for your hair and for your knees. Treat your body as one single unit. Heart is only a part of that. Take good care of the rest of the body and heart will take care of it. Heart is a very strong machine, between 2 heartbeats it has time to rest. It gets into trouble only because we abuse it left, right and centre. We must know what kind of physical activities are expected from us. Also, what kind of food and lifestyle we have to maintain. Heart is Strong- It will last till you die.

Anybody who is a teetotaller and vegetarian think he is already doing everything needed. Fact of the matter is if you are a vegetarian you can still eat lots and lots of junk food. Junk food does not only mean non-vegetarian food. You can be vegetarian and still consuming junk.

We our supposed to eat to live. I do not even mind if you live to eat. But please don’t eat to die. We eat that kind of food which is bound to give a heart attack to us. Heart would take care of itself even if you have damaged it considerably. The wakeup call should never be ignored. Don’t press the snooze button.