Uric Acid Treatment

Uric Acid Treatment

Millions of people in the world are suffering from uric acid excess.

What is Uric Acid

Uric Acid is a bi-product of digestion. When you cook food at home, there is bound to be some waste material. The same way, whenever we digest proteins, the bi-product is uric acid.

What is Gout

In right quantity uric acid isn’t a major issue. Kidneys filter it out very easily. But when we take too much of protein, we produce too much of uric acid and that basically means aches and pains. As it accumulates, it goes to the stage of getting gout or “Gathiya” — where your joints pain like hell.

Impact of Uric acid excess

Uric acid affects your kidneys too. So, it is a very serious disease without being a disease. It is just a lifestyle mistake or eating mistake that haunts us for decades.

Chronic bodily pain is an indicator that you are accumulating too much of Uric Acid. Unfortunately, we think that taking a pain killer is a simple answer. So, it keeps on accumulating. Pain Killer only hides the symptoms. We keep on making the same mistake again and again and the problems keep getting worse and worse.

Connection with Food that we eat 

The important thing we need to understand is that there is a connection between the intake of your food and output of the body generates i.e. waste material. They are root cause of our aches and pains.

Finally, the entire burden has to come to Kidneys as they have to filter out uric Acid.  They can develop stones too. So, it damages on various levels.

Why medicine is not a solution

Tablets are not the answer. For several simple reasons. One, any masking of the symptoms is counterproductive and second, they have side-effects of their own.  We know how bad Steroids are but even normal painkillers (non-steroidal too) are terrible for your liver, Kidneys and entire body and specially for women. All the pain killers are tested on men. Some 50/60 years ago it was decided that no medicine would be tested on women. It was assumed that something which is safe for men is also safe for women too. But now, it is known that pain killers are twice or thrice more dangerous for women. If you can think that you can get rid of your pain by tablets, you are fooling yourself.

Excess Uric Acid Treatment

It is time to own up responsibility that I did something wrong in my eating habits that caused a spurt in uric acid and caused the resultant pains.

To protect our kidneys is not too difficult.

If you are taking alcohol this should be first on your taboo list. Cut it out. You would be doing yourself a great service. Secondly, non-vegetarian food has to be limited with great care. Somehow this attitude that if one portion is good then two would be better, should be changed. You should take very small quantity.

Even if you got the disease this is the first thing you have to cut out. General decent food would be great help. Basically, anything that grows on God’s plants is healthy for you. Anything that is made in a man-made plant can be terrible for you.