How to lose weight fast

What is obesity? Is it a disease on its own or is it a contributing factor to other diseases?

Obesity is a clear-cut sign that things are not right with you. It should be very clear to you that obesity is bad:

B for Blood Pressure

A for Arthritis

D for Diabetes

So, to that extent it can be taken as a disease as such, because it would bring all these three ailments in its wake.

And even that is just the beginning. There are many other complications which arise later with obesity. If you are overweight, you should be very clear that you are going to be sickly as well.

Today, even young children have become its victims. We have contributed to child obesity in two ways. First, we have let them become couch potatoes. When we were younger, people were happy to be outdoors engaging in sports etc. Today, most of the games are being played on phones, laptops and TV. Let’s face it. Candy Crush cannot be called a game. There is no physical movement. Physical movement has been reduced drastically.

Secondly, Food habits have changed in a major way. The items which were earlier a treat are today the daily staple. We as children ate what was made available in the house. We could not dictate terms. Today it is the other way around. The child orders her mother what he wants to eat. What he wants to eat is everything that would make him fat — chocolate, pizza etc. We have precipitated the obesity crisis ourselves.

To lose weight fast many people think that dieting is the only way out, but actually dieting is the worst way. Right diet is entirely different from dieting

Dieting always has a starting day and an ending day. That is not how you should go about it, but that is exactly how some people function. “I have a wedding to attend next month or next year; so, I should go on a crash diet for that”.  The problem with this approach is that when you return to the normal diet again, you will put on weight with a vengeance. In fact, you may end up being heavier than before.  The right approach is to lose weight fast is to make lifestyle changes for life, as taught during the Holistic course.

The Holistic programme is about eating healthy instead of starving yourself. You need not even cut down on your total food intake. You are free to eat as much as the body needs, while keeping off the food items which make us fat, sick and sad.

We have also to be aware of the time gap between two meals. Equally important is your physical activity.

You cannot win the battle of the bulge or can lose weight by just cutting down your food or doing exercise alone. These two things have to be done simultaneously. The phrase is that you cannot ever over exercise your fat. Right food, right exercise and at the right interval — that is what makes us shed weight.

Never ever believe that you are putting on weight because of your “faulty” genes.  If the children make the same dietary mistakes which their parents did, then they are bound to get fat. Similarly, it is pointless to lay the blame at the door of some medicine.

It is time you accepted responsibility for the upswing in your weight and applied corrective measures.