Ashish jha

This is Ashish jha from darbhanga, small town in Bihar.
First thing first
‘Everything except death can be cured. The more the damage, the harder we have to work to repair it’
These lines by our beloved G should be the hope in lives of millions of people who are suffering unknowingly from disease, emotional issues or any kind of trouble.
Whoever is reading this and is need of some help.
I assure you on the behalf of all the hope, optimism and love that if you really want to live a gorgeous life.
U should follow G.
He is the best and coolest Guru we all can have.
Coming back to what I experienced.
I was a guy of 18 dealing with depression and wrong eating.
When you lose your loved ones, u start to take ur self for granted.
I developed low BP, thyroid, liver issues at such tender age.
I used to think a lot about how my life is useless.
I got the book ‘perfect health’ Bcz my brother placed ‘wrong’ order.
Which became my ‘right calling’.
I read it literally 100times.
With each line I got my confidence back.
I started practicing it week by week.
At end of 20weeks,
With perfect health I also got G.
I have learned to strive for perfection and accept with joy whatever cant be changed.
With blessing of G
My father’s diabetes is controlled.
I have helped many of my family members get rid of diseases just through lifestyle modification suggested by G.
An advice to all those still unsure –
Talking to G for 2min is more inspiring than listening to 200hours of motivational talk.
We at holistic family will vouch for it.
P. S – I have never met G
And not even done the course. But I still feel his blessings everyday changing and transforming my all dimensions of life.
Love and peace

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