I met Amar Chandel (his students call him G) a year ago. I wanted to learn more about holistic health and took a 3 day class in Berkeley with him.  G lives in Punjab and travels the world teaching the holistic way of life.

I hear all the time how processed foods aren’t good for us.  I never really understood what happens to your body when you eat packaged food & sugar.  G went into GRAPHIC detail to explain it to me.  Needless to say, I was traumatized.  Enough so that I really started to pay attention to what I feed my family.

A year later, I realized so much has changed in how I run my kitchen. Now my pantry is used to store my pots & pans.  It used to be filled with food that came in a box. Shopping for groceries is easy when you fill up the cart with fresh produce.  I skip almost every aisle in the middle.

The girls have stopped complaining and just eat what I make.  I’ve seen Aashna’s eating habits change the most.  Yogurt instead of ice cream, roasted vegetables instead of white rice, fresh fruits instead of fruit roll ups, salads instead of boxed side dishes. Just these little changes have made such a difference in her overall health.

G, I haven’t given up champagne and salmon.  I’m a work in progress.

But I’ve hadn’t had an Oreo cookie for over a year.  Now that’s huge for me!

To the King of one-liners, I’m so glad I met you!

Author: amarchan

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